Mystical Life Path

"May the Celestial Sky Illuminate Your Path"

2020 New Moons ~ all listed at CST (Central Standard Time)

January 24

February 23

March 24

April 22

May 22

June 21

July 20

August 18

September 17 

October 16

November 14

December 14

4 Aquarius 22

4 Pisces 29

4 Aries 12

3 Taurus 24

2 Gemini 05

0 Cancer 21

28 Cancer 27

26 Leo 35

25 Virgo 01

23 Libra 53

23 Scorpio 18

23 Sagittarius 08

3:42 PM

9:32 AM

4:28 AM

9:26 PM

12:39 PM

1:41 AM * New Moon Solar Eclipse*

12:33 PM

9:42 PM

01 6:00 AM

53 2:31 PM

18 11:07 PM

10:17 AM *New Moon Solar Eclipse*

* Make your monthly 10 new moon wishes

* Intentions and power of the written word are important

* Create your wish list prior to the time of the New Moon

* New Moon Solar Eclipses are more potent

* Put in a sacred place and read your intentions often

* Check back to see what has manifested

* Solar Eclipse dates are more powerful

* Wish #1 ~ Your friends and family

* Wish #2 - 9 ~ Your personal wishes

* Wish #10 ~ A wish for the universe and world such as peace,love, and healing : )

*** About Mercury Retrograde ~

~ Lasts around 3 weeks

~ watch for computer, phone, or any possible electronic glitches that may occur. Delays are very probable in every aspect of life such as schedules, appointments, and travel. Not recommended to buy any new electronics during this time period or signing any major contracts unless you read the small print thoroughly and know that there could be some delays connected with it.

*** About Venus retrograde ~

Time to re-assess what or who in our lives we value. It is a time of re-evaluating our personal relationships...what or who we decide to accept or keep in our lives. Not an ideal time for getting married or starting a new relationship. It is a time for personal growth and acceptance. You will definetly hear from people out of the blue that you may have not seen or heard from in a long time!

It is also not a great time to buy luxury items such as cars, electronic items, appliances, big ticket items as there may be some underlying problem with the item. It is also not an ideal time for any plastic or reconstructive surgery. Sometimes things almost seem reachable and attainable but then something or someone gets held back. So organize things in your life at this time and know that things will progress forward at divine timing.

*** Note...sometimes scheduled appointments and special dates cannot be changed and it is just a good thing to be knowlegeable about all possiblities and awareness

*** Saturn transits ~

~ Lasts around 2 1/2 years

Saturn represents restrictions and limitations. We learn our boundaries and where are responsibilities may become more prevalent in our lives.Sometimes we will find ourselves more tired than usual and may even be low in iron in our blood. Sometime we go through a medical issue or have issues with bones or teeth.

In retrospect when you have made it through a Saturn transit in your life you will emerge with a new outlook on life. Sometimes things that look bleak or gloomy helped us with our karmic growth lessons and things that were not pleasant may have had to happen so that we could grow through the experience. So always remember that things happen for a reason although we may not quite understand why at the time. Remember Balance is the key in your life at this time and learn to say "no" when needed and to help others as required. Have faith and know that this too shall pass and your karmic rewards will come to fruition after the work is done.