Mystical Life Path

"May the Celestial Sky Illuminate Your Path"

Astral Flight

Rockin' into the night

We strolled past Pluto

All illuminated in deep thoughts

Resurfacing from past inner plight

Planet of great psychic power

Bring to me the gift of spiritual insight.

Onward into the night

Our gaze set upon Venus

She shone down upon us

Illuminated with brilliant light

Sharing with us her venusian

Qualities of beauty and charm.

As we passed the stars

We came upon Mars

He was in full color red

With qualities of energy and desire

The kind that can quench the warmest fires

Along we go into the night

There is Jupiter in expanding light

I give you the gift of luck and abundance

Use it to expand your spiritual harmony

Love, laughter, and everything sunny!

Upon us was the father of discipline Saturn

My child work hard and learn to share

Your crosees will be less to bear

Spiritual karmic knowledge I give to thee

A strong character and enduring stability.

Uranus has entered into the fire realm

Sweeping in uniqueness, energy in undefined form

Sometimes the actions seems so out of norm

Usually bringing some kind of chaotic storm.

Into the mystic channel ahead we gaze

Sprinkling of stardust and opaque haze

Neptune could that possibly be you?

Sometimes we just have not a clue.

To Earth we must soon journey back

For grounding of faith, hope, peace, and love

To send light and illumination to all

It is within our cosmic call

To reflect and share what the universe has blessed us with.

Jamie K. Malag ~ all rights reserved ©

Jamie K. Malag ~ all rights reserved ©