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We are all on a spiritual journey and path to a higher place. When we become familiar and at peace with what our soul desires and needs, and we learn to trust that spirit will lead us and enlighten us on our way, we will then become one with ourself, spirit, and others. Life is for living and experiencing these different paths and I bless you on your journey of enlightenment.

Peace, Love, and Abundant Blessings!

Jamie K. Cardosi RN

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Embrace Love Through Positivity

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these."

"Strange days indeed ~ most peculiar mama!"

Today's world is hectic, hurried, and stressful. Many people are running on"fumes" and living in fear. The more we choose to live in fear through a worried and hurried lifestyle the more out of balance our lives and bodies feel.

Our inner child is crying for attention! There is a need to express our emotions, thoughts, and feelings through communication and creativity. When we allow our inner child to come out to play and explore it opens up our realms of imagination and then there is a release of positive endorphins. We can then enjoy feelings of joy and contentment free from guilt.

Daily use of meditation, deep breathing, and positive affirmations do not cost us anything. They are the simplest gifts that allow us to live with less stress, increased awareness, vitality, and happiness.

Share a breath, take a walk, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, meditate, and always speak in positive and encouraging terms and with love and respect. Try these simple, positive and loving actions and interactions with yourself and others. You will begin to feel refreshed by using these actions in your daily life. The power of positive thought and action helps us to nourish and protect our mind, body, and soul.

We are all here on a journey to learn about love and enlightenment through action and reaction, giving and receiving, sharing and caring, and the exchange of loving energy and encouraging words . Utilizing these loving actions daily will help to reinforce feelings of shared and reciprocated love, So begin each day by sharing a positive thought, a kind word, a shared breath, a kind deed, or a warm embrace. You are then participating in passing on the power of positivity and you will see how it will lift you as well as others. Embrace life and love through positive living!

* Song quoted from John Lennon's "Nobody Told Me"

Jamie K. Malag ~ all rights reserved ©

New Moon Reflections

Every month of the year there is a New Moon followed by a full moon. During the New Moon it is a time to set up goals we want to accomplish and also a time of new beginnings. The full moon time is a time to wrap things up that we had started or accomplished and it is also a time for endings. Around three to four times a year some of these monthly new and full moons are eclipses. A solar eclipse is a new moon and tends to give the new moon an added boost or charge of energy. A lunar eclipse, which is also a powered up full moon, follows a solar eclipse and is once again a time to finish up projects we started prior to the new moon or solar eclipse.

The two luminaries, the sun and the moon. radiate energy out to the earth. The energies are very potent and have an influence over earth events such as the tides, earthquakes, volcanic activities, hurricanes, and solar flares. The universe is vast and full of magic, awe, and wonderment.

Every month we have the chance to connect, wish upon, and reflect our desires during the New Moons. The universe is there to assist us in our needs, wants, and desires. Just prior to the New Moon dates ( which are listed on my website ~ is a time for reflection and time to make our magical wish list. It is important to use the power of the written word. Start your wish list with number one wish for friends, relatives, pets, or anyone that needs personal healing energy. Then proceed with wishes two through nine being personal wishes of yours. Write your wishes and desires as if they have already manifested. The last wish, number ten, is a wish for the world, mother earth, or father sky, the animal kingdom, and you could make your wish for peace on earth, and or healing for the environment or any place that you wish to send the energy to. Put your wish list in a sacred place and make sure to reread it often and check back to see what has manifested into reality for you.

Here are the

Mystical New Mooncasts for each zodiac sign for the areas of life that perhaps could use some extra wishes upon.













Jamie K. Cardosi ~ all rights reserved ©

January 2020 Planetary Climate

*** January 3 ~ Mars enters Sagittarius @ 3:37 AM CST

*** January 10 ~ Uranus stations direct @ 7:49 PM @ 2 degrees Taurus

*** January 10 ~ Full Moon @20 degrees Cancer @ 1:21 PM CST

*** January 13 ~ Venus enters Pisces @ 12:39 PM CST

*** January 16 ~ Mercury enters Aquarius @ 12:31PM CST

*** January 20 ~ Sun enters Aquarius @ 8:55 AM CST

*** January 24 ~ New Moon @4 degrees Aquarius @ 3:42 PM CST

February 2020 Planetary Climate

*** February 3 ~ Mercury enters Pisces @ 5:37 AM CST

*** February 9 ~ Full Moon @ 20 degrees Leo @ 1:33 AM CST

*** February 16 ~ Mars enters Capricorn @ 5:33 AM CST

*** February 16 ~ Mercury retrograde @ 12 degrees Pisces @ 6:54 PM CST

*** Read Mercury Retrograde***

*** February 18 ~ Sun enters Pisces at 10:57 CST

*** February 23 ~ New Moon @ 4 degrees Pisces @ 9:32 AM CST

March 2020 Planetary Climate

*** March 4 ~ Mercury enters Aquarius @ 5:08 AM CST

*** March 4 ~ Venus enters Taurus @ 9:07 PM CST

*** March 9 ~ Full Moon @ 19 degrees Virgo @ 12:48 PM CST

*** March 9 ~ Mercury goes direct @28 Aquarius @ 10:49 PM CST

*** March 16 ~ Mercury enters Pisces @ 2:42 AM CST

*** March 19 ~ Spring Equinox ~ Sun enters Aries @ 10:50 PM CST

*** March 21~ Saturn enters Aquarius @ 11:58 PM CST

*** March 24 ~ New Moon at 4 degrees Aries at 6:41 AM CST

*** March 30 ~ Mars enters Aquarius @ 2:43 PM CST

April 2020 Planetary Climate

*** April 3 ~ Venus enters Gemini @ 12:11 PM CST

*** April 7 ~ Full Moon @ 18 degrees Libra @ 9:35 PM CST

*** April 10 ~ Mercury enters Aries @ 11:48 PM CST

*** April 19 ~ Sun enters Taurus at 9:45 AM CST

*** April 22 ~ New Moon @ 3 degrees Taurus @ 9:26 PM CST

*** April 25 ~ Pluto retrograde @ 25 degrees Capricorn @ 1:54 PM CST

*** April 27 ~ Mercury enters Taurus @ 2:53 PM CST

May 2020 Planetary Climate

*** May 7 ~ Full Moon @ 17 degrees Scorpio @ 5:45 AM CST

*** May 10 ~ Saturn retrograde @ 1 degree Aquarius @ 11:09 PM CST

*** May 12 ~ Venus retrograde @ 21 Gemini 

@ 10:45 PM CST

*** May 12 - Mars enters Pisces @ 8:17 PM CST

*** May 14 ~ Jupiter retrograde @ 27 degrees Capricorn @ 9:32 AM CST

*** May 20 ~ Sun enters Gemini. @ 8:49 AM CST

*** May 22 ~ New Moon @ 2 degrees Gemini @ 12:39 PM CST

*** May 28 ~ Mercury enters Cancer @ 1:09 PM CST

June 2020 Planetary Climate

*** June 5 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 15 degrees Sagittarius @ 2:12 PM CST

*** June 17 ~ Mercury retrograde @ 14 degrees Cancer @ 11:59 PM CST

*** June 21 ~ Summer Solstice ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ @ 0 degrees Cancer @ 1:41 AM CST

*** June 22 ~ Neptune retrograde @ 20 degrees Pisces @ 11:31 PM CST

*** June 24 ~ Venus direct @ 5 degrees Gemini @10:48 PM CST

July 2020 Planetary Climate

*** July 1 ~ Saturn enters Capricorn @ 6:37 PM CST

*** July 4 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 13 degrees Capricorn @ 11:44 PM CST

*** July 12 ~ Mercury Direct @ 5 degrees Cancer @ 3:26 AM CST

*** July 20 ~ New Moon @ 28 degrees Cancer @12:33 PM CST

*** July 22 ~ Sun enters Leo @3:37 AM CST

August 2020 Planetary Climate

*** August 3 ~ Full Moon @ 11 degrees Aquarius @ 10:59 AM CST

*** August 4 ~ Mercury enters Leo @ 10:32 PM CST

*** August 7 ~ Venus enters Cancer @ 10:21 AM CST

*** August 15 ~ Uranus retrograde @ 10 degrees Taurus @ 9:25 AM CST

*** August 18 ~ New Moon @ 26 degrees Leo @ 9:42 PM CST

*** August 19 ~ Mercury enters Virgo at 8:30 PM CST

*** August 22 ~ Sun enters Virgo @ 10:45 AM CST

September 2020 Planetary Climate

*** September 2 ~ Full Moon @ 10 degrees Pisces @ 12:22 AM CST

*** September 5 ~ Mercury enters Libra @ 2:46 PM CST

*** September 6 ~ Venus enters Leo 2:22 @ AM CST

*** September 9 ~ Mars retrograde 28 degrees Aries @ 5:22 PM CST

*** September 12 ~ Jupiter direct 17 degrees Capricorn @ 7:41 PM CST

*** September 17 ~ New Moon @ 25 degrees Virgo @ 6:00 AM CST

*** September 22 ~ Fall Equinox ~ Sun enters Libra @ 8:31 AM CST

*** September 26 ~ Mercury enters Scorpio @ 11:41 PM CST

*** September 29 ~ Saturn direct @ 25 degrees Capricorn @ 12:11 AM CST

October 2020 Planetary Climate

*** October 2 ~ Venus enters Virgo @ 3:48 PM CST

*** October 4 ~ Pluto Direct @ 22 degrees Capricorn @ 8:32 AM CST

*** October 13 ~ Mercury retrograde @ 11 degrees Scorpio @ 8:05 PM CST

*** October 16 ~ New Moon @ 23 degrees Libra @ 2:31 PM CST

*** October 22 ~ Sun enters Scorpio @ 6:00 PM CST

*** October 27 ~ Mercury enter Libra @ 8:33 PM CST

*** October 27 ~ Venus enters Libra at 8:41PM CST

November 2020 Planetary Climate

*** November 3 ~ Mercury direct @ 26 degrees Libra @ 11:50 AM CST

*** November 10 ~ Mercury enters Scorpio @ 3:55 PM CST

*** November 13 ~ Mars direct @ 15 degrees Aries @ 6:36 PM CST

*** November 21~ Venus enters Scorpio at 7:22AM CST

*** November 21 ~ Sun enters Sagittarius @ 2:40 PM CST

*** November 28 ~ Neptune stations direct @ 18 degrees Pisces @ 6:36 PM CST

*** November 30 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 8 degrees Gemini @ 3:30 AM CST

December 2020 Planetary Climate

*** December 1 ~ Mercury enters Sagittarius @ 1:51 PM CST

*** December 14 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 23 degrees Sagittarius @ 10:17 AM CST

*** December 15 ~ Venus enters Sagittarius @ 10:21 AM CST

*** December 16 ~ Saturn enters Aquarius @ 11:04 PM CST

*** December 19 ~ Jupiter enters Aquarius @ 7:07 AM CST

*** December 20 ~ Mercury enters Capricorn @ 5:07 PM CST

*** December 21 ~ Winter Solstice ~ Sun enters Capricorn @ 4:02 AM CST

~ Mercury retrogrades in 2020

*** February 16 to March 9

*** June 17 to July12

*** October 13 to November 3

~ Mercury Retrograde ~ watch for computer, phone, or any possible electronic glitches that may occur. Delays are very probable in every aspect of life such as schedules, appointments, and travel. Not recommended to buy any new electronics during this time period or signing any major contracts unless you read the small print thoroughly and know that there could be some delays connected with it.

*** December 3 2019 - December 19 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn

Wherever Jupiter resides it brings blessings and expansion...including possible weight gain.

*** December 19th, 2017 ~ Saturn enters Capricorn at 10:48 pm CST where it will stay for a few years till March 22, 2020 Sagittarians and Geminis have felt its journey the last few years and now should begin to feel much lighter. Saturn represents restrictions and limitations. We learn our boundaries and where are responsibilities may become more prevalent in our lives.Sometimes we will find ourselves more tired than usual and may even be low in iron in our blood. Sometimes we go through a medical issue or have issues with bones or teeth.

In retrospect when you have made it through a Saturn transit in your life you will emerge with a new outlook on life. Sometimes things that look bleak or gloomy helped us with our karmic growth lessons and things that were not pleasant may have had to happen so that we could grow through the experience. So always remember that things happen for a reason although we may not quite understand why at the time. Remember Balance is the key in your life at this time and learn to say "no" when needed and to help others as required. Have faith and know that this too shall pass and your karmic rewards will come to fruition after the work is done.

***Venus Retrograde in 2020***

May 13 - June 25

*** About Venus retrograde ~

Time to re-assess what or who in our lives we value. It is a time of re-evaluating our personal relationships...what or who we decide to accept or keep in our lives. Not an ideal time for getting married or starting a new relationship. It is a time for personal growth and acceptance. You will definitely hear from people out of the blue that you may have not seen or heard from in a long time!

It is also not a great time to buy luxury items such as cars, electronic items, appliances, big ticket items as there may be some underlying problem with the item. It is also not an ideal time for any plastic or reconstructive surgery. Sometimes things almost seem reachable and attainable but then something or someone gets held back. So organize things in your life at this time and know that things will progress forward at divine timing.

*** Note...sometimes scheduled appointments and special dates cannot be changed and it is just a good thing to be knowlegeable about all possiblities and awareness

***Mars Retrograde in 2020***

September 9 - November 13

Mars Retrograde ~

*** Beware of energy slows down...people tend to hold anger in ...make sure to eat iron containing food such as spinach...etc... work out to release pent up energy versus exploding conflicts and arguments

*** Be sure to do your new moon wishes 5 days before to 5 days after the new moon

* Disclaimer* The health information given in this article is not meant as a substitute for care from a qualified physician. This information is given for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.

Aries ~ General ruler of the head and brain and all injuries or complaints of the head. To keep the fiery aries balanced one might enjoy aerobics, swimming or being in water. They need to drink water to keep hydrated. Concentration on other's feelings and allowing others to go first helps their egos to keep balanced.

Taurus~ General ruler of the throat, tonsils, gums, middle ear, and the thyroid gland. They can seek balance through the senses such as color, music, and sound. Listening to beautiful music and singing helps them to connect to their spirit. Exercise and walking in nature helps. Saying what they feel through verbal expression helps to relaease tension.

Gemini ~ General rulership over the nervous system and the lungs, also the arms and shoulders. For balance of mind, body, and spirit, meditation and deep breathing exercises may help. Eating a diet rich in whole grains which contain B-complex vitamins help benefit the nervous system. Learning relaxation techniques help to relax a restless mind. Concentrate on truth, honesty, and integrity.

Cancer~ General ruler of the coverings of the body such as the chest cavity, the stomach, the breasts, and the uterus and also the fluids within the body. Cancerians often desire or need to be or live near water. Water is therapeutic to them. Taking an acting or art class to get them in tune with their creative side would benefit them. Expressing their feelings, meditating, praying, and releasing grudges or negative feelings will help them feel more in tune with life.

Leo~ General ruler of the heart, the spine. and the middle back. For balance the leo needs to reserve their fiery energy and do things that make them feel loved and nurtured. Perhaps sunbathing on a beautiful beach or a vacation can help them to regain their strength. It would also benefit them to keep their hearts open and allow love and energy to flow within.

Virgo~ General ruler of the small intestine, the pancreas, duodenum, enzyme production of the liver, and the processes of assimilation. Exercise and getting in tune with nature, walking barefoot and connecting with mother earth, deep breathing, meditation, reiki, and yoga all will help to connect and balance the vibrational energy around them. Learn to be less self-critical.

Libra~ General ruler of the lower lumbar back region, the kidneys, and the skin cosmetically. Drinking water and cranberry juice helps to balance the kidneys and keep hydrated. Participating in dance, art, and music helps them to keep in tune and balanced. They will also find true harmony and balance through learning to please themselves as much as they enjoy pleasing others.

Scorpio~ General ruler of elimination, colon, bladder, the large intestine, and the reproductive organs. Scorpios need to let go of past hurts through forgiveness. Through help and service to others they free themselves of outworn behavioural patterns and then balance themselves unknowingly. They find balance through the arts, music, and being near water. Water tends to relax them, soothes them, and renews their souls.

Sagittarius~ General ruler of the hips, thighs, the sciatic nerve, and the liver. For balance they should walk , run, or bicycle for exercise. Traveling also relaxes them and they return more invigorated to share new information they have gathered through their travels and adventures. They also need to learn to take things in moderation and not to overindulge. They need to drink water for hydration. Contribution through philosophical endeavers gives them a sense of sharing their learned ideas and concepts. The need of a path of devotion through spirituality

Capricorn~ General ruler of the skin, knees, bones, and teeth. For balance, they need outdoor activity such as walking in nature or even taking hikes. Capricorns are the business people of the zodiac. They are usually always working on a project. They would benefit if they would close their eyes for 5-10 minutes daily and visualize being somehwere that uplifts theiir spirits. This will help them to relax and it would also benefit them to learn to share the workload as others are just as competent as they are. It would be also good for them to be on a more scheduled time for eating instead of eating on the run. The key is to learn to relax a bit more.

Aquarius~ General ruler of the calves and ankles, valves of the heart, and circulation. They would benefit through deep breathing exercises and walking to get their circulation flowing. It would be good for them to eat whole grain foods and B complex for their nervous energy and practice meditation, reiki, and yoga. They need to listen and be more attentive to the needs of others especially family memebers since they tend to sometimes be closer to their friends then their family. They can find balance through joining and participating in group organizations.

Pisces~ General ruler of the feet, toes, spleen, and lymphatic system. For balance pisces enjoy being or living on or near water. Walking and meditating would help them to focus. Taking an art or acting class may help to heighten their creative side. They need to balance their emotions through outward expression of their thoughts and feelings instead of internalizing them. They need to be gentle with themselves and to serve through selfless giving and then they will feel balanced and content.

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